Redbone Bindery

Natasha Herman has been restoring & conserving antiquarian books professionally for collectors, booksellers & libraries since 1996. Her atelier, Redbone Bindery, was established in 2001 and works across borders to serve clients in Europe, the US and Canada.


The philosophy of the Redbone Bindery stresses the importance of combining current knowledge of ethical conservation practice with the skills of an expert craftsperson. This results in work that meets the strict ethical requirements of cultural heritage conservation while achieving the highest degree of period-style aesthetic

Memberships and Committee Work

Natasha is a member of the Dutch Conservation Organization (Restauratoren Nederland) and sits on their Standards and Ethics committee.  She is currently on the advisory committee to help design an accreditation program (SRR) for conservators in the Netherlands.

Natasha is also a member of the International Council of Museums (ICOM), the International Association of Book and Paper Conservators (IADA) and sits on the board of The Conservation Organization of North Holland (RVN).  In addition she is a member of Society of Bookbinders UK, the Canadian Bookbinders and Book Artists Guild (CBBAG), the Dutch Book Historical Society (Nederlandse Boekhistorische Vereniging) and The Dutch Bibliophile Organization (Nederlands Genootschap van Bibliofielen). 



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Notable work

From Blaue's famous atlases bound in contemporary vellum to Rembrandt's etchings in book form, Natasha has had the privilege of conserving titles which have become icons of paradigm-shifting moments in Western History. 

Highlights at the bindery include the conservation of 3 first editions of Het Achterhuis, Anne Frank's famous diary. From Aldines to first edition Darwins, from the earliest printings of Ptolemaei and Dürer to Freud's pivotal Die Traumdeutung, from Payne bindings to Canadian incunabula, a veritable microcosm of western knowledge, discovery and craftsmanship has passed through the bindery.


Natasha apprenticed under Hans van der Horst in The Netherlands; John Smart in the UK; Courtland Benson of Doves Bindery, Richard Smart of Old English Bindery, Jan and Crispin Elsted of Barbarian Press, Reliure Hélène Francoeur in Canada. Residencies include the New York Academy of Medicine, Gladys Brooks Book and Paper Conservation Laboratory in New York and Washi Papermaking research and training in Japan.